“Expectations” is a group artist exhibition showcasing things to come at Converge Gallery. To kick off the new year, we will be showing a few pieces from each upcoming exhibition scheduled throughout 2016 at the gallery (with a few surprises as well). This group exhibition will feature new works from a mix of local, national, and international artists Luana Cleveland, Daniel Berberich, Craig Kauffman, Kurt Herrmann, Job Johnson, Juan Arata, Curt Miller, Dean Landry, John McKaig, and Chad Andrews.

The 2016 calendar includes the following exhibitions: “The Story of Job” featuring outsider artist Job Johnson from February 5th – 27th, “Model of Temporal Consciousness” featuring international artist Juan Arata from March 4th – 26th, “I Still Love You” an exploration of New York City large format photography by Dean Landry from April 1st – 30th; “Just Another Sentient Being” by local painter and printmaker John McKaig from May 6th – 28th, “Selfie” an open call juried exhibition from June 3rd – July 16th, “Your Messin’ With The Wrong Guy” an exploration of tough guy/macho actors and their pet peeves by Curt Miller from July 22nd – August 27th, “34 Trips Around the Sun” a group exhibition featuring Craig Kauffman & Luana Cleveland from September 2nd – October 1st, “Hot Foot” featuring local artist Kurt Herrmann from October 7th – 29th, “Un-Represented” a special emerging artist-to-watch exhibition being curated by Australian pop-artist Johnny Romeo from November 4th – 26th, and “This Region-This Time” featuring local artist and printmaker Chad Andrews from December 2nd – 23rd.

“Expectations” runs from January 7th – January 30th with an opening reception planned for Thursday, January 7th at 6:00 pm. The opening reception will serve as a kick off party celebrating new renovations that have taken place and attendees will have a chance to take home a beautiful calendar showcasing all of the upcoming exhibitions for the year.

This exhibition also marks the first opportunity for aspiring artists to get a chance to have a piece of their own displayed at the gallery. At the opening we will have information on our first ever open-call juried artist exhibition “Selfie”. “Selfie” will run from June 3rd – July 16th and will focus on contemporary interpretations of the self portrait. If you’d like to submit a piece, we will have forms available that outline the exhibition expectations and the prizes available for first, second, and third place.

Another surprise at the gallery this year will be the addition of archival Conservation Framing as a service to it’s clients.

Once a method used primarily by museums to preserve valuable, historic artwork, Conservation Framing has become more mainstream than ever. Photographs, jerseys, diplomas, original artwork, and memorabilia, such as, wedding vows, certificates, or baby blankets are not items that will last forever. It is not commonly known that most cherished items contain acidic content, and, without the proper care, will yellow, tatter, and fade. With Conservation Framing, however, they will be preserved for a lifetime! Your valuable keepsakes may not hold any monetary value but a price cannot be put on sentimental value.

“We are excited to finally be able to offer our clients and featured artists framing options for their artwork,” said gallery director John Yogodzinski. “We have a great team on board for this new venture.”

With the addition of framing, the gallery will be extending it’s hours to Monday – Friday from 9 am – 6pm, and 11 am – 6pm on Saturday. For more information on the gallery, please visit www.convergegallery.com

About Converge Gallery

Converge Gallery was founded in 2011. The gallery, already internationally recognized for its ambitious program, has been extremely selective and focused on both emerging and notable mid-career artists with an increasingly more conceptual direction oriented to display the most challenging and innovative art.

What we are trying to do, without any pretense to define art, is to elevate the discussion about art, reality and perception. Converge Gallery’s goal is to sell the meaning and cultural context of an artwork along with the individual point of view of the artist that, encouraged to aim for a certain level of aesthetic value, clarity of content and vision is also required, as well as the ideal collector, to have an extensive knowledge about the intricate dynamics of contemporary art.

The greatest achievement for us would be to extend the boundaries of art beyond art itself and generate a dialectic exchange between artist and general public by interacting with the other disciplines with the objective to determine a wider understanding of what is happening here and now.

The gallery is located at 140 West Fourth Street, Williamsport, PA and gallery hours are Monday thru Friday from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm and Saturday from 11:00 am – 6:00 pm.

For all press inquiries, photo requests and a PDF catalog of the exhibition, please contact John Yogodzinski, Director, Converge Gallery : john@convergegallery.com. Web: www.convergegallery.com. Tel: 570.435.7080 Address: Converge Gallery 140 West 4th Street, Williamsport, PA 17701, USA