Converge Gallery is excited to present the work of Mick Alan a.k.a M/Life in his upcoming musical project performance, “Gay & Lazy.” Have you ever felt a rush of pure insanity race down through your arms, spiral around your fingertips, then bolt back through straight to your brain? This feeling is far from ordinary but Mick had to keep running with it. He had to extract all the old sound in order to flourish with the new waves. The risk involved with his new music is very real and touches on many facets in life, that some are afraid to confront and express, with a slip of the tongue ever so gracefully. Mick states, “You want to be about it? Be without it! Ima sing about it, dream about it, cringe, swallow pride and die with volume.” The event will be held on Friday, October 28th at 7pm. Admission is just $3.

Life of an artist is ever changing. With any found talent there is always reinvention of oneself. Whether it be through appearance, a brush stroke, or lyric to a song, there is always a desire to transcend the mold. Creation is infinite and there will always be a demand for something fresh and inspiring. This is what Mick Alan a.ka. M/Life, a vocalist and lyricist, feels he has done with every last ounce of his being in his new music project “Gay & Lazy.” The title is literal to his life and very blunt so to speak. He describes his process with the songwriting procrastinated but very in-tune and intricate: “Time is an illusion. So, the fact that I’ve taken my time writing these songs will really show the magic behind my words.”

This project is the interlude to the progression of Mick Alan’s music and the full length album he has written. He doesn’t feel the need to hold back his true thoughts any longer.
“Yeah I’m gay but thats just a label. I’m more than a label. I’m a human being. I’m happy.”,said Mick. At 27 years young and with many more years to come, he describes his life as, “the best interpretation as a man of his kind: practiced, divine, and expressing himself through words flipping out his soul, one punchline and one phrase at a time.”
This project stabs at politics, sexual orientation, recovery, addiction, the state of hip hop, identification, turmoil, love, loss, acceptance but “Gay & Lazy” is not just your standard hip hop project. It is a twist of the times and experience through profound lyricism and simplistic but vibey beats backing the flow.

The instrumental selection was based on simplicity. Mick Alan found beats he liked that were far different from what he has used in previous songs. He purchased them at a fair price. He will learn to make his own as times go on but he has just been so busy perfecting his words and flow that he finds comfort in selecting instrumentals for the time being. He likes how other people’s interpretations of sound really sync up with what he wants to say and how he says it. These lyrics are not for the faint of heart. They have pushed Mick’s boundaries and can be very outlandish at times through this project but it is presented with some class, confidence and dignity and he wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago was very substantial to the person Mick has become today. He began to rebel, at a young age, within his mind. He describes his angst getting the best of him in his pre teen to teenage years but he was always writing. Wether it was short stories, poems, essays for school, there has always been a way he could escape with his words. Mick says, “As I age, I know the Rebel in me becomes refined but rhythmic with its artistic consistence.” Mick moved to central Pennsylvania when he was 21 and has been here for about 5 years. He wants people to know that the experience has been refreshing, humbling, the biggest ego cleanser, and the most interesting part of his life thus far. The rest of the details can be found through his lyrics and songs.

“Never forget where you come from. That’s logic. You shouldn’t run from anyone or anything. Face it and respect all dramatics and antics you partake in ”

Nowadays Mick works full time doing appliance deliveries. Though he has to accept that mundane part of life, he still practices everything he loves. From writing to skateboarding, he believes there’s no excuse to give up on your talents and aspirations. You should always follow your dreams and work hard for what you love.

“My trials and tribulations are seen through my own eyes. Don’t set limitations for how far I can take this poetry and patience. To infinity, beyond, and back or to another galaxy my quest will stay humble and passionate: The antidote to mastering.”

The musical performance, “Gay & Lazy,” will take place on Friday, October 28th at 7pm. The artist will be in attendance after the performance to answer any questions.