Arthaus Projects, a community-oriented, non-profit art space located in downtown Williamsport, is excited to announce the opening of “Suspended Embrace” a new exhibition showcasing the work of Techne winner Cindy Lu. The exhibition opens Friday, May 3rd from 6 – 9pm, and is on display until Saturday, June 1st.

This project addresses the ~68 million refugees and migrants worldwide and stems from seeing footage of aid workers wrapping emergency blankets around the shoulders of newly-arrived refugees. The tenderness of that momentary act of embrace and the temporary warmth provided by the thin material seemed to offer a brief reprieve from an uncertain future, given the growing backlash against those seeking safety beyond the borders of their homeland. This series of work explores the tension between the temporary and the permanent, the fragile and the resilient, and seeks to prolong or suspend the moment of embrace.

About the Artist

Cindy Lu is a former scientist and has been making art full-time since 2017. Drawing from her many years of experience as a research scientist, her approach towards art generally emphasizes process and focuses on experimentation with materials and techniques. The same fundamental interests motivate both her scientific and artistic pursuits – just as her scientific work focused on morphogenesis (how organisms or parts of an organism develop into various forms or shapes) and neurobiology, her artwork uses materiality and transforming spatial forms to try to capture intermediate states of processes that are in flux, or to reflect some instability or tension that is unresolved. This includes shifting mental or sensory states, social interactions, and societal transformations. You can see more of Lu’s work at and