Dillon Samuelson

American Painter and Illustrator

About the Artist

Dillon Samuelson is a painter and illustrator from Pennsylvania, United States. He graduated from the Fine Art program at York College of Pennsylvania in 2014, and the following year was awarded the third annual Appell Arts Fellowship at Marketview Arts. His work has been shown in exhibitions across the US and his award-winning illustrations have appeared in books and comics, accompanying the writing of authors such as Ted Kelsey and Erik Arneson.

His paintings and drawings are an exploration of human experience and emotion, through storytelling and the outward manifestation of that which is often kept internal. He is interested in expressing emotional content as well as ideas of isolation, manhood and the romanticization of violence in our culture.

These themes appear in his artwork through figurative representation, exploring the inner workings of humanity by displaying it outwardly. The imagery is often distorted and symbolic rather than that of strict realism or visual likeness, using loose marks and obscurity to express a sense of the psyche. Most of the work is self-portraiture or personal friends in order to give an intimate look into the individual’s perceived experience, as well as share his own self-examination and search for self-knowledge.

Artwork by Dillon Samuelson