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Jeremiah Johnson (b.1974) was raised on a fruit and flower farm in the mountains of north central Pennsylvania. As a child Jeremiah spent his days playing in the woods and his nights drawing. Once he graduated from high school he left the farm to become an artist in the big city of Philadelphia. Johnson received his BFA from Tyler School of Art of Temple University and eventually went on to get his MFA in print, paper and book arts from Syracuse University. A few more years of living in Philadelphia took its toll on Jeremiah’s health so he soon found himself back home in Williamsport. He currently teaches drawing, 2-D design, 3-D Design and printmaking at Lycoming College and drawing and painting at Bucknell University and works with his wife, Duyen Nguyen, in his living room making art about culture, folklore, and survival.

Artist Statement

My work shares the combination of an expressive hand and the use of mechanical means of reproduction. The work is recognized more for its content than its formal characteristics. I’m interested in culture, folklore and personal struggle. The work reflects my own memories and beliefs. This particular work is a series of prints that reflect the idiocracy of today’s consumer drivin art market.


Artwork by Jeremiah Johnson

Special Projects and Exhibitions by Jeremiah Johnson

Under Pressure
under pressure content

Printmaking is over 5000 years old, with the earliest examples coming from the Sumerians who used cylindrical carved stone seals to make impressions on wet clay. Throughout history since then, printmaking has had a large impact on human civilization by increasing the speed, accessibility, and affordability of spreading ideas and images, an influence that continues even today in our modern society dominated electronic communication and reproduction. Even as older printing techniques are surpassed by new ones as technological and economic instruments, artists continue to use and preserve historical methods for their unique aesthetic and procedural properties, and so contemporary printmaking is a landscape in which artisan tradition and cutting-edge technology coexist. Under Pressure is a group printmaking exhibition exploring this landscape.

Under Pressure