Michael Bell


About the Artist

Michael Bell is a renowned American artist, best known for his cinematic, narrative series paintings and for his infamous portrait clientele, which includes John Gotti, Dominic Capone and numerous actors from hit crime shows and mob movies such as the Sopranos, Goodfellas, A Bronx Tale and more.

Bell holds a BFA from Lycoming College, a M.Ed. in Art Education from Towson University and wrote his Masters Thesis on “Visual Journaling.” He currently spends his time traveling throughout the country giving inspiring Artist Talks on how to “Draw a Line from your Life to your Art…that is straight and clear.” Most recently Bell has delivered keynotes to various NAEA State Conferences in Utah, Nashville, TN, Ohio, Arizona, and Colorado in addition to his national presentations at NAEA National Conventions across the USA annually. Book Michael Bell to be your next keynote speaker or guest artist lecturer and to provide quality professional development workshops on numerous inspiring topics.

Artist Statement

Painting, for me, is a dynamic process of self-exploration and a constructive way for me to give form and expression to an internal experience. While I spend a lot of time on the surface, it’s the inside of my subjects that I’m really after.
I’m also concerned with the interconnections formed between my works; therefore I present my narrative series paintings in a specific viewing order. The culminating experience takes the viewer through a cinematic journey where stories are born. The work becomes a direct reflection of all that was revealed to me during intense moments of personal clarity. All I am is what I create. It’s my blessing to share with the world.


Artwork by Michael Bell

Special Projects and Exhibitions by Michael Bell

Art Exhibitions Promo
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DUAL LIVES Book Signing & Converge Gallery Artist Talk
DUAL LIVES Book Signing & Converge Gallery Artist Talk

Gallery Opening
Gallery Opening