Richard Babusci

American Painter

About the Artist

Richard Babusci is a visual artist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Over the past decade, he has exhibited in Arizona, as well as various galleries in the Mid-Atlantic United States. He holds a BFA from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. His travels to destinations in Asia, Europe, and Central America have influenced his artistic style, as have his interests in philosophy, music, classic literature and nature. He currently resides in the central Pennsylvania.

Artist Statement

Much of my art focuses on exploring the nature of identity. “Dreamscapes” examined it as an expression of the internal. I wanted to question the boundaries between our inner selves and outward influences, asking, in a way, what was one without the other? What are we when separated from the surroundings and experiences that shape and form us? Is there something at the center that is wholly us, or are we merely person-shaped voids, composed only of what we consume?

In this latest body of work, those questions remain, but I also want to examine identity as a function of external perception. I’m curious about the substance of one’s existence in the eyes of another. This series is meant to represent snapshots – dissolving impressions of each subject left to us from a single point along their timeline. The pieces falling away at once represent the thinness and brevity of those impressions, and the fluidity of identity itself.


Artwork by Richard Babusci