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Wanda Riley is a former nurse, and current director and curator of the Schulman Art Gallery at Luzerne County Community College. Her emphasis for subject matter focuses on humans and their environment, whether physical interaction with the natural environment or the emotional connections and conflicts of humans within their environment.

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Under Pressure
under pressure content

Printmaking is over 5000 years old, with the earliest examples coming from the Sumerians who used cylindrical carved stone seals to make impressions on wet clay. Throughout history since then, printmaking has had a large impact on human civilization by increasing the speed, accessibility, and affordability of spreading ideas and images, an influence that continues even today in our modern society dominated electronic communication and reproduction. Even as older printing techniques are surpassed by new ones as technological and economic instruments, artists continue to use and preserve historical methods for their unique aesthetic and procedural properties, and so contemporary printmaking is a landscape in which artisan tradition and cutting-edge technology coexist. Under Pressure is a group printmaking exhibition exploring this landscape.

Under Pressure