The Road to the Billtown Comedy Fest

Fueled by the blossoming comedy scene in Williamsport, a group of comedians (Rasheed Wesley, Chris William, Cassidy Grae Billet, Eddie Kiersnowski, & Tim Kainzbauer), and our Executive Director, John Yogodzinski have joined together to bring a full-fledged comedy fest in April of 2020.

We are still in the planning stages and have a long road ahead, but we will be throwing a few mini comedy competitions in September and October to create awareness of the festival and also raise funds for the headliner and any venue rental fees and promotional costs we may incur while putting together the festival. All of the proceeds from each competition will go towards the 2020 festival.

If you are a fan of stand up, plan on attending the following dates to see your friends and local comics battle it out for a paid spot at the 2020 festival:

Friday, September 20th
Doors @ 6:30 PM; Show @ 7PM
Acts: Samantha Ecker, James Mac, Maureen Ferguson, Shelly Christian, Chris Chimmer, Shishir Budha, Ronald Buchheit

Friday, September 27th
Doors @ 6:30 PM; Show @ 7PM
Acts Steven Releford, William Strange, Jimmy McKee, Hal Stewart, Elijah Cross, Michael Clayton, Joshua Dweh, Billy Kelly

Tuesday, October 8th
Doors @ 6:30 PM; Show @ 7PM
Acts Dylan Whitmire, Kevin Seibert, Samuel Alvarado, Vickie Plummer, Jeff Roser, Jamal Russell, Sean Conway

Tickets are $10 in advance for each round, or $12 at the door. All shows will be held at Arthaus Projects. BYOB is permitted w/ proper ID. 

Final Championship Round

  • Friday, October 18th
    Doors @ 6:30 PM; Show @ 7PM
    Tickets for the final round are $12 in advance, or $15 at the door. BYOB is permitted w/ proper ID. 

Pick up your advance tickets by clicking on the button below.