Kira Jewelene

Portrait Artist

About the Artist

Kira Hovanec is an artist born and raised in Johnstown, Pennsylvania where her love of art started at a very young age. With the technical guidance from her father, sense of wonder and whimsy from her mother and the confidence to make anything happen from her brother, Kira works to share a piece of her own world with all through her artwork. From an early age, Kira’s skills were developed mostly through self-reliance until her college years spent at Indiana University of Pennsylvania where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in studio art. Now residing and working in her new home of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, her work transcends a multitude of mediums and subjects but she always seems to find her way back to working with her favorites; food and puns.  

Artwork by Kira Jewelene

Artist Statement

No one ever said art has to be serious — nor does it have to have some intense conceptual meaning. Kira Hovanec, enjoys having fun and her work is a reflection of that. It’s the feeling of being pleasantly caught off guard by a moment of “aha” followed by the comfort of a favorite food. What could be better? This is the experience she wants to give viewers because this is the experience she has when creating her work.

Her art is somewhere between not using a cookie cutter and still being able to tell it’s a cookie. She uses people and foods that are familiar but just enough to leave some mystery in figuring out the pun. After all, what fun would it be if they were all a piece of cake, just?