Snatch It Or Hatchet – a unique fundraiser for Arthaus Projects

Thursday, December 12 from 7 – 9PM @ The Hatchet House

362 Market St., Williamsport, PA 17701

Calling all artists and collectors! Arthaus Projects wants your unwanted paintings for a fundraiser event they are working on with the Hatchet House. Now I know what you are thinking… Hatchets and art… what is that about? Well, Arthaus is teaming up with The Hatchet House for a first annual fundraiser called “Snatch It or Hatchet.”

The premise is simple, from now until December 11th Arthaus Projects will be accepting artwork that you’ve either fallen out of love with, are frustrated with, or just want to get rid of. They will take anything from paintings, sculpture, half-finished works, etc. All of the donated works will be gathered up and brought to The Hatchet House where they will face the “chopping block”. On Thursday, December 12th from 7PM – 9PM artists, art lovers, art haters, and the general public are invited for a fun evening of bidding, and ax throwing at The Hatchet House which is located at 362 Market St., Williamsport. Each donated work will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. The highest bidder then can decide whether they want to take the piece home with them (Snatch It) or place it in one of the hatchet-throwing lanes and let the piece meet its demise (Hatchet).

Come take part in a fun fundraiser and support Arthaus at the same time! Email or stop by the gallery during normal business hours if you’d like to help out.


About Arthaus Projects

Arthaus Projects is a community arts center focused on visual artforms. Our programming includes multiple gallery exhibitions per year that focus on bringing contemporary, pop-culture influenced artwork to Central Pennsylvania. Throughout each exhibition, we offer special events, art workshops, and performances that coincide with the theme of the show, highlight an art activity or attract new people to the gallery space. Arthaus Projects is devoted to bringing art to the masses, and as such, strives to bring the community together for thought-provoking conversations about art.

Arthaus Projects has no interest in the elitist viewpoints held by stuffy galleries. We welcome anyone with even the slightest curiosity through our doors and believe that there is no such thing as a silly question. We want our visitors to take their time exploring the gallery and experiencing some emotion (good, bad or indifferent). At Arthaus Projects, we believe that art is meant to challenge, and a successful exhibition should challenge our visitors.

In addition to challenging patrons, Arthaus Projects strives to grow our artists by pushing them with unusual exhibitions. Arthaus Projects showcases artists from around the world, and we push our artists to do more than just hang their work on our walls. We host unique events such as Steam Roller printmaking day, the CMY5k race and art fair, and artist collaboration through the use of technology. Arthaus Projects is always looking for new ideas and concepts in the pursuit of creating interesting art.

Through our programming, Arthaus Projects consistently provides artists with opportunities to grow their career. Every year, we host an open-call juried exhibition which allows even first-time artists an opportunity to showcase their work in a professional gallery. Through these juried exhibitions, Arthaus Projects has coached young artists on the “ins and outs” of the art world, aided with how to properly price their work, and assisted with learning how to market themselves as artists. Connections are also commonly made through the gallery that are invaluable to an artist’s future success.

Arthaus Projects is holding the community to a higher standard and are revitalizing the town by enriching culture. Please join us for an opening, a special event or for a more intimate experience, visit us during any of our normal business hours.

For all press inquiries and photo requests, please contact John Yogodzinski, Director: