After showcasing bold and innovative, contemporary artwork for over 8 years, the Executive Director of Arthaus Projects, John Yogodzinski, and the art gallery itself are at a crossroads… While the intentions for the gallery have been (and always will be) good, a few events, comments and reactions from the artist community and the community-at-large over the course of this past year have forced us to rethink how Arthas Projects operates and what the future of the organization should truly be.

In order to properly determine the state of the gallery, Arthaus Projects began measuring attendance, sales, and community response to each exhibit in more detail than previous efforts. In general, it was determined that solo exhibitions have not had the intended community impact, and the average time spent by gallery spectators is minimal. However, the data has also shown that group exhibitions, such as our annual juried show, bring the most impact and excitement to the community while visitors are found to challenge themselves with the works on display. While this data is not necessarily surprising, the logistical and organizational demands of group exhibitions make monthly showcases impossible. Additionally, the monthly requirements of transforming the space for each exhibition are too time-intensive, stressful, and costly. Therefore, Arthaus Projects has decided that instead of the traditional ten-exhibitions-per-year schedule, the gallery will showcase four, month-long, high impact gallery exhibitions like our annual juried show. We believe that the “less is more” mantra is fitting for our gallery space. This does leave one big question: what will be displayed in the gallery space for the other eight months of the year? The answer to that question is that we will be trying something new, but we need your help. 

Arthaus Projects is reaching out to the local artist community to keep the space viable and sustainable for the non-showcase months. Starting in January 2020, the gallery space will be transformed into a community-minded artisan space. Artists are asked to submit their work for consideration through the following online form. The requirements for submission are simple: everything has to be hand-made, everything must be original and everything must be retail priced below $350. Each selected artist will be given a small portion of the gallery space to display their works (approximately 10 – 20 pieces (depending on size) hung salon-style). Three-dimensional works are also welcome, however, displays need to be easily moved as comedy nights and special events require open floor space. The gallery/artist split will be 30% gallery, 70% artist, and we will never charge a fee for an artist to show their work. Since the commission structure is in the artist’s favor, we do ask that our artists assist the gallery with installation, promotion, and physically manning the gallery (just a few hours per week). Keep in mind that as more artists participate, the demand for each artist will decrease. 

Arthaus Projects also plans on hosting artist-run classes and workshops in the gallery space. One of our artists, John McKaig, ran several drawing classes in March that drew several participants and were very well received. In order to be considered for a class, please present your idea using our online form. For courses, we are willing to split the proceeds from registration 50/50. Artists that have previously worked with the gallery, or proven themselves successful at the artisan shop will be given preferential treatment for workshop bookings and scheduling. 

If you have questions or would like to discuss your idea for how to help out at Arthaus for 2020 and beyond, please email or give him a call at 570-435-7080.